How to Get Rid of Mean Girls?

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Group Activities for Jr. High School Girls Dealing With Mean Girls?

Growing up is very challenging without having to deal with the pressure of peers. Sometimes in middle school, girls have the tendency to be mean to each other. The key to dealing with this is mak... Read More »

How to Not Let Mean Girls Affect You?

Females are naturally catty. Most of us know how to control that behavior, but some girls enjoy starting drama and being mean to others. This article will help you understand why mean girls are mea... Read More »

Girls, what is the mean?

She probably likes you but is acting kinda shy. Go make a move on her.

Why are popular girls usually mean..........?

Because they think their popularity allows them to be this way. They may get away with this in school, college, and even for a while in their twenties, but ultimately they will be slapped down in ... Read More »