How to Get Rid of Lint when Washing Clothes?

Answer If lint on clothes is driving you crazy, use this very simple solution to make it better. This also gives your washing machine a break, as it won't have to collect so much lint. And, of course, you... Read More »

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Where is the lint trap on my frigidaire washing machine?

I don't know but the newer machines don't have one. You can probably find out on their site.

How to Get Lint Off a Polyester Jacket After Washing and Before Drying?

If you're getting ready for a big presentation at work or a job interview, the last thing you want to see on your nice, polyester suit jacket is a bunch of lint. No matter what type of jacket you'r... Read More »

How to Make a Washing Machine Lint Filter?

If your washer drains into a tub or sink, you can see that lint from the fabrics gets caught in the drain. To make an inexpensive and relatively long lasting lint trap that will save on future plum... Read More »

What Causes a Washing Machine to Sound Like It Is Off-Balance When Washing Clothes?

It's not unusual for a washing machine to rattle and sound off-balance during the spin cycle. In extreme cases, you might find that your machine has even moved across the floor. A number of causes ... Read More »