How to Get Rid of Knuckle Wrinkles?

Answer Hands are often the first place to show the signs of aging---and it's no surprise: Our hands do a lot in a day and get almost as much sun exposure as our faces, yet they seldom receive the same att... Read More »

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Is it possible to break your knuckle?

(((((((Cassie))))))) Aww!!! You might wanna go get that X-rayed, you poor thing. =(

Is it okay if there is rust in your knuckle?

Well, I'm guessing that since you are 19 now, it has been many years since you learnt to ride you bike and "introduced" the rust into your knuckle - and you have not had any adverse effects - I wou... Read More »

I don't have a thumb knuckle?

It's obviously a birth defect. Under x-ray you will see that the bones are fused where they ought to be free. However, if it does not bother you, then don't bother it.

How to Take a Knuckle Off of a Prairie 650?

Taking the steering knuckle off the Prairie 650 ATV is necessary in order to replace the part. The original steering knuckles are part of a recall and can be removed with some basic automotive too... Read More »