How to Get Rid of Internet Explorer's Click Sound?

Answer In some recent versions of Internet Explorer, you might notice a subtle sound every time you click to navigate to a different page. Some people would describe it as a "muffled explosion" and simult... Read More »

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Cant turn the camera click sound off?

You need to read your user manualThis is a specific function, shutter sound > on / offThe shutter in phone cameras is electronic and produces no noice., as opposed to proper digital camera's both D... Read More »

OMG ! Tokio Hotel Family Click.Click.Click !!!! How To Do Bill's New Makeup !!!!?

Haha I love it =] But I do prefer his black makeup. Star for you.

Why there is a click sound when U take a snap in ur mobile phone camera?

taking pictures (especially with bad lighting) is all about holding still and steady to obtain a clear and blur-free image. the click sound is there to tell you that you can relax and stop holding ... Read More »

When I click control, Internet Explorer opens?

It means brace for a big hug from Auntie, darling.I'm a computer professional with 12 years in software can trust me...I know error messages.((((((((((Zilla))))))))))See? I was ri... Read More »