How to Get Rid of Hair Odor?

Answer There are many reasons why hair can get an unpleasant smell: being sprayed by a skunk, sweat, cigarette smoke, or recent chemicals in the hair (such as perms or hair dyes) can add an odor. However,... Read More »

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How Do I Get the Odor of Vinegar Out of My Hair?

Vinegar has numerous uses around the house as a cleaner and deodorizer and can also do wonders for the hair. It has been used traditionally to make hair lustrous and silky by cleaning away residue ... Read More »

How do I Remove Hair From the Armpit to Reduce Odor?

Armpit odor can be an embarrassing fact of life for many people. The odor which can emit from the mixture of sweat, hair and bacteria can be very offensive to the nose. One method of reducing the a... Read More »

Vaginal odor with discharge, but discharge has no odor?

Different Types of DischargeWhite: Thick, white discharge is common at the beginning and end of your cycle. Normal white discharge is not accompanied by itching. If itching is present, thick white ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Gas Odor?

People spend quite a bit of time in their cars. Think about all the places you drive - work, the grocery store, sporting events and restaurants. The more hectic your life gets, the more time you s... Read More »