How to Get Rid of Gunk From a Gas Tank?

Answer As gas ages, it has the potential to varnish, or thicken up and turn solid. If you have a gas tank with old gas, you will need to get rid of the gunk from the gas tank before you run the vehicle. I... Read More »

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Why do I have green gunk on my tongue?

If you go to the store they have little kits to clean your tongue which includes a scraper which works better than a tooth brush and if that doesn't work see your dentist.

How to Use Gunk Engine Degreaser?

There are plenty of good reasons to keep your car's engine clean. Grimy engines are harder to work on, not to mention a lot messier. Built-up dirt and oil make it difficult to locate oil leaks, and... Read More »

How do I get gunk off my clothes iron?

Removing Waxy SubstancesClean waxy residue by heating the iron to its maximum heat setting and briskly rubbing newspaper over the hot plate. Use a hot mitt while rubbing the iron with newspaper to ... Read More »

Is my dog ok (breathing fast, green eye gunk)?

It sounds a lot to me like conjunctivitis, which is more common than you would think but is still serious. I would highly recommend getting him in to the vet, there they can take care of his respir... Read More »