How to Get Rid of Geographic Tongue?

Answer Geographic tongue is a benign condition where a person's tongue develops raised red marks, caused by the loss of small bumps called papillae on the tongue. The red marks are usually surrounded by w... Read More »

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Types of Geographic Tongue?

Geographic tongue, or benign migratory glossitis is a benign condition, which involves bald spots on the surface of the tongue. According to Mayo Clinic's website, a healthy tongue has small, pinki... Read More »

Is geographic tongue contagious?

No. It is not. It does tend to run in families, but this is not from it being contagious, but just because family members might share genes that cause this condition. You can treat the condition b... Read More »

Is it okay to frenck kiss your on her tongue or lick her tongue?

yes and it depends on the relationship but if he/she kiss you in her tongue it means she/he like you deeper than friends or depends on your standing

Why do I feel pain in the bottom of the tongue after tongue piercing?

Lol, no. It's very uncommon for either of the arteries in the human tongue to curve inward to the center. And if that happened and a piercer hit a vein, you would have bled to death. Piercings (Goo... Read More »