How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair When Nothing Else Works?

Answer If you've done the frizz research and tried every salon product out there, you may be frustrated to find that your hair still frizzes, especially in humid weather. You probably already know the sta... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of a Dry Scalp on Permed Hair When Nothing Works?

No doubt you were looking forward to your perm for the low-maintenance style it provides. But the chemicals that left you with full, thick curls may have left your scalp feeling dry and irritated. ... Read More »

Internet Explorer works but nothing else?

Okay, so you were able to get to the Microsoft site to Fix Host files, with THIS computer, or you did it with another computer?I am trying to understand just what it is you can get to with the comp... Read More »

Why are the remotes for Sky Box not changing channels when the remote light comes on when buttons are pushed but nothing else happens?

Reason Remote Does Not Work Sounds like the microprocessor has locked up. Try unplugging the receiver for about five minutes and then plugging it in again. After the reboot process, it may work.

When running my shower, the tub fills with water and drains slow, We have dried,draino. Nothing works. HELP!?

your right when you say "we've tried draino and nothing works" because all those liquid drain cleaners are BS come ons.try rodding the trap.