How to Get Rid of Flies in the Kitchen?

Answer Tiny flies in the kitchen are annoying and are disgusting to whomever has a lot. This information will aid you into having a Fly free kitchen.

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Do you know how to keep flies out of your kitchen?

I have a large amount of fruit flies in my kitchen.?

1. try using a paper plate with 3 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 & 1/2 tbsp oil (olive, canola, etc). the fruit flies will light right on the mixture and the oil will prevent them from flying aw... Read More »

What discourages fruit flies, or the kind I get in the kitchen when I've got fruits?

If the fruit is attracting fruit flies, the fruit is over ripe and or spoiled. Throw out the spoiled; if just a spot or two bad, cut out the bad spot and eat or refrig.

Why Are Female Fruit Flies Bigger Than Male Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies, or drosophila melanogaster, are tiny insects that are often used for scientific research. The name fruit fly came about because the insects are often found surrounding rotting fruit or... Read More »