How to Get Rid of Flies Around Your Dog's Water and Food Bowls?

Answer Here's an inexplicable yet effective way of keeping flies and mosquitoes away from most things. Observed in Brazil, this method will help keep your dog's eating area free of insects.

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How to Keep Flies from Taking over You and Your Dogs Backyard?

In a hurry or just lazy, if you don't pick up your dog waste as soon as it leaves his or her butt, flies come in seconds. They lay eggs and those eggs hatch quickly. Soon you hate your back yard an... Read More »

How many times can flies fly around the world?

An average fly flyes around the world 12 times a day

How long do stainless steel bowls last for dogs?

Though stainless steel bowls cost a bit more than other types of food and water bowls for dogs, they are worth the investment. A resilient choice, stainless steel bowls last for several years and r... Read More »

In my house we have these little flies keep flying around. how do you get rid of them?

It could be fruit flies, or drain flies. If they are resting on walls during the day, and flush out of drains in the morning, that's a drain fly. Fruit flies are attracted to vinegar, try putting... Read More »