How to Get Rid of Doves at a Feeder?

Answer Backyard bird feeders offer hours of entertainment, especially when natural food sources are scarce. When doves become frequent visitors, however, they can wreak havoc, making a mess and discouragi... Read More »

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Can diamond doves&full size doves be caged together?

In general, most dove species, including the diamond dove and larger species, are gentle creatures that can be housed together, provided they are given enough space. The American Dove Association r... Read More »

Breast feeder turned formula feeder, a little saddened by the verbal wars?

There are some just plain crazy idiots on the internet. Some of them are breastfeeders, some of them are formula feeders. It's unfortunate that those few among both "groups" turn all the rest of us... Read More »

What does two doves mean?

In the Bible, the dove is representative of peace and the Holy Spirit. When John baptized Jesus, a dove flew down, and it was confirmation that Jesus Christ was the Messiah. Two doves represent l... Read More »

How to Clean Doves?

According to the United States Humane Society, over 20 million doves are killed each year by hunters, making them the most-hunted animal in America. Dove hunting can be challenging but, as noted at... Read More »