How to Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells?

Answer Skin renews itself in cycles, but this process can be impaired due to, for example, the natural aging process, the use of heavy moisturizers, or excess oils in acne-prone skin. The build up of dead... Read More »

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How to remove / scrap dead cells from the skin.?

There are a few simple, easy ways to exfoliate your skin, and the ingredients are available in your kitchen (or supermarket).One is a sugar scrub -- moisten some plain old sugar with extra virgin o... Read More »

How do I remove dead skin cells from my face and body?

I use a mixture of salt (regular or sea ), sugar, small amount of almond oil or olive oil and honey. It removes dead skin, hydrates and helps with acne. The salt helps acne.I have used it for years.

How to Make an Orange Body Paste to Remove Dead Skin Cells?

Every day our bodies shed dead cells that can make skin look dull. Scrubs and pastes can remove dead cells and restore skin to a healthy glow. This orange body paste is excellent for skin restora... Read More »

What English scientist was first to view dead plant cells?

Robert Hooke first discovered plant cells. He coined the term "cells" after viewing cell walls in thin slices of cork. Hooke also confirmed Leeuwenhoek's discovery of protozoa and bacteria in 1678.... Read More »