How to Get Rid of Dark Bra Strap Lines on the Shoulder Area?

Answer An ill-fitting bra with straps that are too tight is not only uncomfortable, it can also cause scarring. The straps dig into your skin, traumatizing the tissue leaving behind scars and hyper pigmen... Read More »

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How to Wear a Yoga Shoulder Strap?

A yoga shoulder strap provides an easy and efficient way to carry your yoga mat from the car to the yoga studio or from the studio to your front closet. The strap neatly contains the yoga mat so th... Read More »

How to Organize a Shoulder Strap Backpack?

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How to Measure the Correct Length for a Shoulder Strap for Holding Up Trousers?

Shoulder straps that are designed for holding up trousers or pants are called suspenders. They are used instead of a belt. Suspenders are stretchy, adjustable and come in many styles and colors. Th... Read More »

F ladder in bath hit my area like a stinger swelling between elbow and shoulder sw just in this area after two?

The swelling is due to a hematoma and fluid retention around the injured tissue.