How to Get Rid of Chins?

Answer Having a double chin doesn't always mean you are overweight. A double chin can be hereditary or caused by excess fluid, aging and weakening of the neck tissue and muscles. Your self-esteem and self... Read More »

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About Double Chins?

A double chin is generally a layer of fat that hangs under the chin, causing a wrinkle and a bulge. It is a particularly hard thing to camouflage and can be quite pernicious once it forms. Double c... Read More »

How to Fix Double Chins?

Gravity has a way of taking its toll as people age. While crow's feet, lines and creases can be concealed with makeup and plastic surgery, it's a bit more challenging to get rid of a double chin. B... Read More »

What Causes Double Chins?

There are three primary causes of a double chin: excess weight, genetic predisposition and age. A double chin is typically considered unattractive because it reduces the definition of your neck and... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Double & Triple Chins?

Double and triple chins form from excessive stress on the skin around the neck coupled with a lack of vitamin E and circulation. The combination of these conditions causes the skin to sag, creating... Read More »