How to Get Rid of Bugs on Plants?

Answer Insect pests are an inevitable nuisance, but they don't have to ruin your garden. Here's a safe way to keep the bugs off your plants.

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What can I put on my plants to keep bugs off?

Someone once told me that planting Marigolds among the vegetables would keep bugs and rabbits out of the garden. It worked for me!

What are these bugs all over my plants?

aphids...probably could wash them away by running water over them at the kitchen sink or outside with a garden hose

What Bugs Eat Pea Plants?

Pea plants are grown in home gardens from early spring to June. The pods are harvested for several weeks and, when not eaten fresh, are dried, canned or frozen. Healthy pea plants that are grown in... Read More »

How to keep bugs away from plants without pesticides?

We have plants that we cover by using see-through fabric and tenting that around the plants. We hold up the tent by using wooden poles and making a rectangle around the chosen plants.