How to Get Rid of Bubbles in Tint?

Answer Bubbling is a common problem on do-it-yourself window tint. The bubbles appear over time from age as the tint strips' glue weakens. They also emerge from dirt present on the window when the tint wa... Read More »

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How to Get Bubbles Out of Tint?

Air and dirt on the surface of your car's glass can cause the tint on your vehicle to bubble up. While this causes no direct harm to your vehicle, it is unsightly and can be a dangerous distraction... Read More »

How to Repair the Bubbles in Window Tint?

If not applied by a professional, window tinting can come out looking terrible. The most common sign of amateur-applied window tint is air bubbles. Once the tint is in place, it is difficult to rem... Read More »

Would bubbles in your stomach when you are pregnant an gas bubbles feel the same way?

Answer Normal gas bubbles are regionalized in your abdomen, you are usually aware that, "oh that was my stomach getting a little upset." If the bubbles are spread out in random places, and sometim... Read More »

How to Remove Tint From the Windows of a Nissan Murano to Replace With Darker Tint?

Like most vehicles on the market today, Nissan Muranos come with factory tint film already applied to the windows. The tint percentage may not be exactly what you want, which requires you to remov... Read More »