How to Get Rid of Bruises on the Knees?

Answer Bruises, also known as contusions or ecchymosis, are common conditions that occur when a part of the body, such as the knees, is damaged and capillaries, small blood vessels beneath the skin, ruptu... Read More »

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How do you get rid of bruises?

There are several methods for removing bruises. First, understand that a bruise is pooled blood underneath the skin. In order to remove that pooled blood, you need blood circulating at that point.... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Bruises?

There are several steps you can take to encourage faster fading of the bruise. A few simple first aid techniques and home remedies are outlined below.

How to get rid of bruises FAST!!!?

Garlic is a natural Antibiotic.Do not apply heat for the first 3 days.Taking vitamin K and C will helpSweet potatoes are high in CRub the bruise with wet oatmealor a banana peel. Also, warm oil af... Read More »

How to Remove Bruises?

Bruises are a natural part of life. You can be as cautious and careful as you like, but bruises can't be avoided. At one time or another throughout our lives, we will all be plagued by a bruise, an... Read More »