How to Get Rid of Blackheads With Silica?

Answer Acne can create not only skin conditions and future problems, it can cause anxiety and embarrassment during break-outs. There are many different ways to fight acne and get rid of blackheads. Using ... Read More »

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What does TL-TWA mean in relation to silica gel?

TLV-TWA stands for threshold limit value and time weighted average. According to The Linde Group, this indicates "the time-weighted average concentration for a normal 8 hour workday and a 40 hour w... Read More »

What happens if you swallow silica gel?

Silica gel often comes with products that need to keep dry, such as shoes and some foods. Although the label warns of possible toxicity, swallowing silica probably won't kill you or do much damage.... Read More »

How to Dry Silica Flowers?

Silica gel is a dry, granular and highly absorbent material that is used extensively to preserve flowers more quickly than some other methods. Flowers retain their natural color with very little fa... Read More »

What is a silica crucible?

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