How to Get Rid of Black Scars After Shaving?

Answer Scars from shaving will occur after the wound has been healed. Scars are generally permanent and difficult to remove, but there are natural remedies (see Resources) that can lighten scar tissue. A ... Read More »

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How to Remove Shaving Scars?

Scars, even small one from razor nicks, can be a nuisance. Scars from shaving are typically tiny red or pinkish lines that don't go away after the wound has had time to heal. However, these scars c... Read More »

How to Rid Shaving Bumps on Black Men?

Black men tend to have razor bump problems because the body hair naturally curves back and re-enters the skin. This increases the chance that bacteria and fungus will grow on those now ingrown hair... Read More »

Shaving Techniques of Black Men?

Essential to any clean, smooth shave is cleaning the face with hot water and shaving soap to remove dirt and open pores, cleaning shaving equipment before and after usage with an antiseptic, isopro... Read More »

Shaving Tips for Black Men?

Black men have hair that is thicker and curlier than men of other races. Because of this black men are more prone to unsightly razor bumps and the discomfort bumps bring. A razor bump occurs when... Read More »