How to Get Rid of Black & Blue Marks?

Answer A miracle solution for making black and blue marks disappear instantly does not exist. However, there are ways to help keep them from appearing as well as help them disappear faster. All you have t... Read More »

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Why are there light blue marks almost all over my new white shoes?

Most likely it is actually because of your jeans.. This always happens to me. Just bring them up to the sink and scrub it gently with a toothbrush then a damp cloth.. You can use cleaning products ... Read More »

Blue Light Therapy for Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are unsightly scarring that can affect anyone. Women, in particular, can suffer from it when they get pregnant or lose a great deal of weight. Fortunately, there are ways to treat str... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Scuff Marks on a Black Car?

Black cars are notorious for showing every little scratch and imperfection in the paint, including scuff marks. Scuff marks are usually in the form of scrapes from another car, a shopping cart or c... Read More »

How to Clean LCD TV Screens With Black Marks?

LCD screens are commonly made of thin plastic that requires careful treatment. The wrong cleaning tools and products can cause dead pixels, leaving permanent black spots on your screen. Though many... Read More »