How to Get Rid Of Your Age Spots?

Answer Too much time in the sun without protection and getting older can result in embarrassing age spots. Although they aren't harmful, you may want to get rid of them, especially if they're large. It is... Read More »

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Natural Way to Remove Age Spots and Liver Spots?

Age spots, also called liver spots and sun spots, are a common occurrence in people over the age of 40. They typically appear as the result of a lifetime of sun exposure and although they may be un... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Spots on Your Skin?

If you have spots you want to get rid of fast, here are some good tips. Everybody's skin is different though, so you may need to try a lot of different treatments before you find the one that works... Read More »

How to Heal Hot Spots on Your Dog?

Hot spots on dogs are quite common. These are often moist, foul smelling areas of your dog's body that they bite or gnaw at, scratch or constantly rub against things to find relief. These areas may... Read More »

Why do you get age spots on your hands?

As we age our skin is subjected to more and more sun damage. Our skin has melanin pigment which absorbs sunlight and helps naturally protect our skin from UV rays. However as we age, our skin's nat... Read More »