How to Get Revenge on a Boy That Hates You (Middle School Girls)?

Answer If a guy hates you for no reason, if a guy hates you just because he thinks your ugly, if you have fought with any guy, or if you have done something to a guy that you didn't mean to do and want hi... Read More »

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How to Make a Guy That Hates You Jealous of Other Boys (Middle School Girls)?

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What are things that make up a survival kit for girls in middle school?

chapsticklip glosseyelinerlotionbandaidspencils/pensmirrortampon/padsminty gumpurell$granola bar

How to Be Popular in Middle School when Everyone Hates You?

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How To Help a Child That Hates School?

Dr. Judy Willis, neurologist and middle school teacher, reports in the July 2010 issue of "Psychology Today" that a child who shows negativity towards school probably has a healthy brain that's try... Read More »