How to Get Resolution When a Company Won't Return Your Calls?

Answer It can be a frustrating situation if you're trying to get resolution when a company won't return your calls. Regardless of the specifics of the situation, conflict can not be resolved without commu... Read More »

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Can you fire property management company if they do not return calls and bring a lawyer to the meeting and charge homeowners?

The short answer is, yes. Any vendor hired by an association can be fired by the association -- a board action -- for any reason, sometimes no reason. Read your contract to determine penalties that... Read More »

How can you get a passport for a child when his or her father will not return calls or emails regarding consent?

Answer The parent wishing to take the action will need to petition the appropriate state court for permission to obtain a passport and to be allowed to take the minor child out of the country.Be a... Read More »

Your girlfreinds going through a lot right now and she wont talk to you or take your phone calls you moved here for her Should you call you quits and go home you really love her a lot.?

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How can you get someone's auto insurance information if they are at fault in an accident and refuse to return your calls?

Answer If you have their insurance information, go directly to their carrier. If you don't have the information, you may have to go through your own insurance and let them fight it out for you.