How to Get Relief from Sudden Morning Back Aches?

Answer A hot shower is a good way to get rid of a sudden backache, but stretching can also do the trick.

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Back aches during period?

It has been for me. Those are cramps. Take it easy and use a heating pad if they get bad.

Is head aches and back pains a sign of pregnancy?

Are lower back aches an early sign of pregnancy?

AnswerIn some women yes.AnswerLower back aches are more common later in pregnancy.Not necessarily. It can also be a sign of your period. Or it can just be a random problem, like you're not sleeping... Read More »

Weird stomach aches keep coming back?

seems because of stress.can get serious if the problem continues.-Anti-anxiety, antidepressants -Antacids-Hherbal remedies also help in reducing indigestion problems. Herbs such as peppermint, ging... Read More »