How to Get Relief from Sudden Morning Back Aches?

Answer A hot shower is a good way to get rid of a sudden backache, but stretching can also do the trick.

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Back aches during period?

It has been for me. Those are cramps. Take it easy and use a heating pad if they get bad.

What do you get worse on your period, cramps or back aches?

BOTH and extreme pain. Like lying in the fetal position and crying with a hot water bottle and tub of ice cream. Every month.

Weird stomach aches keep coming back?

seems because of stress.can get serious if the problem continues.-Anti-anxiety, antidepressants -Antacids-Hherbal remedies also help in reducing indigestion problems. Herbs such as peppermint, ging... Read More »

What could be wrong if you have cramps and back aches during pregnancy?

Answer If you are pregnant and you are having problems, you should contact a doctor right away. It could be anything. Even if you are not planning on continuing the pregnancy, you should still cont... Read More »