How to Get Ready to Go Out in Less Than Two Hours (Women)?

Answer For most girls their lives are planned out by the hour. They have it written down in a diary or keyed into their mobile phones. They know the time and place of appointments, class, coffee catch ups... Read More »

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I've had 10 hours of driving lessons with my instructor. I think I am confident enough and ready?

Sounds great but you should know each and everything about driving and as per my opinion you should complete your driving lessons from your instructor.

How to Get Ready for the Day in Under an Hour for Women?

Getting ready for the day puts you in a good mindset. And the faster you can get ready and feel good, the better your day will be!

How to Get Ready to Pick up Women?

We all agree that it sucks to be alone. It's not satisfying to go out with friends and get slapped by a women in front of them even if you are drunk as a monkey. What's even worse, you don't know w... Read More »

I am pregnant women.My sugar blood level was 110 for fasting and 130 two hours after that risky?

I agree with TheOrange Evil. Both your fasting glucose and reading after two hours after a meal are a little raised. Nothing to get worked up about.As TheOrange Evil stated, a non-diabetics fasti... Read More »