How to Get Ready to Go Back to School After Being Sick?

Answer So, you've been sick. A simple cold, the slightly fiercer flu, or aggravating chicken pox for all I know. The point is, you've been off school for a few days, and now you've been deemed healthy eno... Read More »

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Why would a cat suddenly die after being sick one day?

As with any animal, cats can die due to a heart attack or a stroke. However, there are also some ailments and issues specific to cats that can cause sudden death.Urinary Tract ProblemsA cat's urina... Read More »

Why Might a Cat Suddenly Die After Being Sick One Day?

Like humans, cats get sick too. Unfortunately, unlike humans, cats can't vocalize what ails them. Sadly, a cat can be sick one day and pass away the next. This happens for any number of reasons. Th... Read More »

How to Get Used to Being Back in French Immersion After Being in English for a Year?

Switching languages for schooling can be disorienting although you will probably find that the school shift itself adds to the difficulties of a language shift. Trying to find a settled routine mat... Read More »

What is one mixed drink you desire after being sick?

Not sure if this has to do with being sick but I truly love Bloody Mary's. I feel justified because it is a vegetable, lol! If I can feeling not so well, I use way less of the spice and only a litt... Read More »