How to Get Ready for the Beach?

Answer Going to the beach involves a lot of planning and you don't want to forget anything. If it's too much for you to handle, keep reading!

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How to Get Ready for the Beach Season?

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How to Get Pretty and Ready for a Beach Party?

If you want to know how to get summer-pretty and organized for a day at the beach, or maybe a beach party, the ideas suggested by this article will help to get you started.

How to Get Beach Ready Brazilian-Style?

Ouch. There's not much more to say that describes the best way to get beach ready, Brazilian-style. Brought to New York in 1987 by a team of sisters from Brazil, the Brazilian bikini wax is certain... Read More »

How can I get loose curly beach waves with my all ready naturally curly waving hair?

I have curly hair too! to get the beachy sort of wave, try this:after washing your hair, towel dry it until damp. Apply mouse or a little bit of light gel. If you use gel, use it very sparingly a... Read More »