How to Get Ready for a Princess Pageant?

Answer If you just joined a pageant and you're not sure what to wear or do for your talent, then you just came to the right place!!

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How to Be a Pageant Princess?

Ever wanted to be a pageant princess. And get a lot of comments for fellow pageant stars and family members. You can prove you can rock that stage.

How to Get Ready for a Beauty Pageant?

Have you wanted to win a beauty pageant?Well ,now it is your chance! These steps are very easy to follow.

How to Organize a Pageant Like the Miss Amazing Pageant?

Sometimes pageants don't have good themes. So, why not make one yourself? It can be easy enough, as long as you're organized and have free time. Just remember you can't enter your own kids, since t... Read More »

Do you like princess peach or princess daisy more?

I like Princess Daisy more because she seems less stuck up the Peach. You can tell that Peach is a very proper prissy kind of girl, when Daisy is less afraid to get her hands dirty and act almost i... Read More »