How to Get Ready for a Ballet Class?

Answer Ballet is very fun, but it requires responsibility. Make sure you do these things to prepare for your ballet class.

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How to Ready Your Five Year Old Daughter for Ballet Class?

Early stepsAs with many of the tasks of daily life, the devils in the details when preparing a young child for ballet class. Not only is there a need to ensure that you have the right gear but you ... Read More »

How to Exercise for Ballet Class?

don't forget second position releves either!You've wondered what to practice at home, and your teacher hasn't told you anything. Here is some exercises the would be good, and safe to practice at home.

How to Dress for a Ballet Class?

pointe shoesBallet is a beautiful dance and sport and can be a fun way to exercise. But, if not dressed properly, the class will be difficult and not very enjoyable. Some studios might not even wan... Read More »

Ballet Class Etiquette?

Ballet technique differs from other dancing and the special skills required of dancers are only learned with great discipline and focus. According to Luke Willis of the San Francisco Ballet, ballet... Read More »