How to Get Ralts in "Pokemon Sapphire"?

Answer Ralts is a small Psychic-type Pokemon that has high special attack and speed stats, as well as the ability to perform moves such as Calm Mind and Confusion. In "Pokemon Sapphire," the Pokedex descr... Read More »

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"Pokemon Sapphire" Guide: How to Change Pokemon in the Menu?

"Pokemon Sapphire" was the first Pokemon game -- along with its sister game "Pokemon Ruby" -- for Gameboy Advance. In addition to a graphical upgrade, Nintendo also streamlined the game's interface... Read More »

How to Get All Three Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire GBA?

Follow these instructions to get all 3 starter Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire for GBA.

How to Get a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

A Pokemon of a different color is often referred to as a "shiny" Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are incredibly rare, and unless you're playing Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, there's no way to increase... Read More »

How to Get Ditto in Pokemon Sapphire?

Ditto is mainly found only in Johto but you can find it in the Hoenn region easily. This does not include cheating. This is the only known way to get Ditto in the Hoenn games without cheating or tr... Read More »