How to Get Purple Symbiote Armor in "AQW"?

Answer One of the easiest ways to differentiate your "AQ Worlds" character from other characters in the game is by acquiring rare or limited-edition armor sets. The Chaos Symbiote Armor covers your charac... Read More »

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How to Draw Spider Man (Symbiote Suit)?

If you want to draw Spider-Man in his symbiote suit (the black suit, which is actually an alien, later becomes Venom, and is seen in Spider-man 3), then this is a guideline. Practise makes perfect!

Where does the purple go when you drink purple pop?

It is actually one of the 7 wonders of the world!

Why are purple hull peas purple?

Answer The purple coloring is from the pigment anthocyanin. This is a beneficial antioxidant that is contained in most purple pigmented vegetables such as purple broccoli, purple cabbage, and eggp... Read More »

What are the health benfits to eating purple potatoes Raw the potatoes are purple all the way through the potatoe?

Potatoes are part of a healthy diet. Cooking them with the skins on tends to make them better for you. The only difference in a blue (the correct term for a purple potato) potato is the flavour. ... Read More »