How to Get Prepared for Starcraft 2?

Answer StarCraft 2 is coming soon (the date is written below.) If you're a fan or just think that this is your chance to get into eSports, this article will ensure that you're in top shape to play the gam... Read More »

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How to Mod Starcraft?

Beginners SC Modding Tutorial

How to Install "Starcraft V2"?

"StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty" is the second in a series of futuristic strategy games released in 2010 by Blizzard Entertainment. "StarCraft II" features a top-view isometric perspective with a v... Read More »

How to Stack in Starcraft?

Stacking is a trick used on games like cannon defence or other games. It may only be used by Terran and Protoss, but is most effective with Protoss.

How to 4 Pool in Starcraft?

4 Pool is a Zerg rushing technique that is extremely difficult. You need to be very good at 'microing' if you want to try this.