How to Get Pregnant Using the Sympto Thermal Method?

Answer This is to help you to know when you might be able get pregnant during the month.

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If it has been five weeks since you had sex using the withdrawal method is it safe to assume the girl is not pregnant?

AnswerThat's helps but that's really not the best choice of birth control, she still has a 30% chance of getting pregnant over the chorse of a year. Where as if you don't withdrawl the chance goes ... Read More »

How to Get a Girl Using Using the Player Method?

Getting a girl to like you isn't always easy, but also isn't that hard. But what happens a lot is that when you get your girl to like you, she stops liking you because you instantly return the feel... Read More »

What Are the Dangers of Using Thermal Hair Straighteners?

Thermal hair straightening is a chemical treatment applied to curly hair by a professional stylist to make it straight for three to four months. The chemical that makes this treatment work is a car... Read More »

Which is warmer: thermal or silk thermal underwear?

On One Hand: They Are Equally WarmThere is silk thermal underwear, and then there is thermal underwear made from a variety of other materials. One of the most common and basic is wool thermal under... Read More »