How to Get Pregnant Using the Lady Comp Baby?

Answer descriptionMany unintentionally childless couples are faced with a wide range of choices to help them conceive, however, most procedures are not only invasive and coupled with a range of side-effec... Read More »

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What type of feedback helps a pregnant lady deliver a baby?

Keep pushing - I know you can do it! Push, Push, PUSH!!!! Come on, you're doing really well! I can even see the baby's head! Push harder!

Can using a vibrator harm a baby if you didnt know you were pregnant?

Answer no it does not reach your baby as it is in its woomb and it is safe

Can using meth while being pregnant harm the baby if the mother is O negative?

Meth is a drug and yes it can hurt the unborn child, regardless of the type of blood the mother has. The drug is directly transmitted to the baby via placenta and that's the baby's direct blood sup... Read More »

Will using a vibrator harm the baby in the womb while nine months pregnant?