How to Get Pokerus in "Pokemon Diamond"?

Answer The "Pokerus" condition in "Pokemon Diamond" is a supremely rare status condition that your Pokemon have a chance of contracting from other Pokemon. Wild Pokemon with the "Pokerus" status appear le... Read More »

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How to Easily Get Pokerus Onto Your Pokemon?

The easy way to get the awesome virus-worm thingy that make your Pokemon STRONG. POKERUS!

How to Raise Pokemon Easily in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl?

This is a very simple tutorial on how to easily level up your Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond or Pearl!

How to Capture Arceus in Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl?

While it is unlikely that Nintendo will officially acknowledge the 493rd Pokemon for a while, you can catch it using an in-game event today. Do know however that it involves cheating and that you w... Read More »

How to Make All Wild Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond Version Lv. 99?

This will teach you how to make all wild Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond or Pearl level 99. you will need an action replay. to activate the code, you must press L,R,and select at the same time,