How to Get Poker Chips?

Answer colorful chipsToothpicks might work, but if you want to play poker in style, you'll need a set of poker chips. They come in a range of styles and qualities, and the prices vary to match.

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How big are poker chips?

Poker chips are typically 39 millimeters in diameter, according to the BuyPokerChips website. The size is uniform for casinos so the chips can fit into poker chip racks. According to the website, c... Read More »

Different Poker Chips?

The advent of poker on television revitalized the popularity of the game. The resurgence in poker helped make a wider variety of home poker supplies available through gaming and specialty poker sto... Read More »

How much do poker chips cost?

Tournament poker chips for home games are made from composite or plastic material. High end poker chips used at many Las Vegas casino's are made from clay. Depending on the weight and material of t... Read More »

How are poker chips manufactured?

Poker chips are small, circular discs that are used in casinos and card games instead of currency. They are made from a variety of materials, and the manufacturing process varies depending on the t... Read More »