How to Get Playstation 3 Home?

Answer You want PlayStation Home? Scroll down...

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How to Get PlayStation Home?

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How to Hook Up a PlayStation 3 to a Home Stereo?

A PlayStation 3 gaming system connects to audio/video equipment with five component plugs, three for video and two for audio. When hooking up the PS3 to a home theater, the customary setup involves... Read More »

How to Play Playstation 2 Games on a Playstation 3 Console?

The original PS3 systems that were released (60GB and 20GB) and some of the later-released 80GB systems were fully backwards compatible. This means that they were able to play PS2 games. Sony stopp... Read More »

Can you play playstation 2 games on a playstation 3 160gb?

The 20 and 60 GB PlayStation 3 models include the complete PlayStation 2 Emotion Engine (EE) and can play PlayStation 2 games. As of March 2010, the production cost of including the EE in the lates... Read More »