How to Get Platinum-Colored Bangs?

Answer Many women are lightening their golden-colored blond hair to platinum blond. You can see the daring hair color on many celebrities and young women around the country. Platinum blond has a bit of a... Read More »

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How to Add Colored Tips to Platinum Hair Without a Color Cap?

Want a new look? It's easy to add a little flair to your hair.

How to Do Sweet Colored Highlights in Bangs?

Rather than opt for a headful of highlights, adding soft vanilla hues to your bangs can break up your hairstyle while adding texture and interest to your cut. Much lower on the maintenance scale, y... Read More »

Is Tiffany's platinum the same as any platinum?

Tiffany's platinum is similar to any platinum, but is a higher quality. Since it is certified 95 percent pure, Tiffany's platinum contains only 5 percent alloy. Tiffany's uses ruthenium to comprise... Read More »

Do colored candles burn faster than lighter colored ones?

A candle's color does not impact its burning time. However, the type of wax that a candle is made from affects how fast it burns. Soft wax, which is commonly used to create jar candles, burns faste... Read More »