How to Get Pine Resin Off of a Car?

Answer Anyone who has ever parked their newly detailed car underneath a pine tree knows just how tedious it is to get rid of sticky pine resin or sap. When fresh, the resin is very malleable and quite sti... Read More »

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How to Use Pine Resin?

Pine resin or pitch is a yellowish, sticky substance and is the solidified sap of any pine tree. If you have spent any time in the woods, chances are you came across this sticky substance while gra... Read More »

What is the function of resin canals in pine needles?

Pine trees are native to most of the northern hemisphere and can be found in a number of varieties. Both hard and soft wood varieties produce distinct foliage called needles, which can stay on the ... Read More »

I found about 30 lbs of pine resin on the beach. It is clear amber color but not hard enough to be amber.?

Well, if it is hard enough to make into jewelry, then sell it to a jeweler, remind him that he can sell most anything to us American Tourists, really he can.Are you sure that it is Pine Resin and ... Read More »

Are fiberglass boats made out of expoxy resin or polyester resin?

Until recently, fiberglass boats were constructed and repaired with polyester resin. During the mid 1980s, epoxy resin came on to the scene and began to be used for construction and repairs more so... Read More »