How to Get Pikachu in Pokemon XD?

Answer Pokemon XD is a role-playing game for the GameCube developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. In Pokemon XD, players can only obtain about 100 Pokemon in game and they must get the rest by ... Read More »

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How to Dress Up as Pikachu from Pokemon?

Pika? Pikachu!Pikachu has been the mascot and the number one Pokemon for a long time. If you're keen to dress up like Pikachu to show your love, it's really easy as you'll find out here. just try i... Read More »

The Best Areas to Find a Pikachu in "Pokemon HeartGold"?

Pokemon's Pikachu, a yellow mouse-like creature, frequently headlined the "Pokemon" anime series as the protagonist's favorite Pokemon sidekick. Pikachu can be discovered in a few different locatio... Read More »

How to Evolve Pichu Into Pikachu on Pokemon Diamond?

You have the Mouse Pokemon Pichu on Pokemon Diamond.You want it to evolve to it's next stage,Pikachu.This article will show you how to evolve Pichu into Pikachu on Pokemon Diamond.

How to Teach Pikachu to Volt Tackle in "Pokemon Sapphire"?

Volt Tackle is a powerful, Electric-type attack that can leave a foe paralyzed, if he survives. It is Pikachu's signature attack in "Pokemon Sapphire," but in order to have it, a Pikachu must be bo... Read More »