How to Get Pictures for Your Desktop?

Answer Nice backgroundAre you bored of your same old desktop picture? This article will tell you how to get desktop pictures of your choice without downloading anything that could harm your computer.

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How can you scan pictures and put it on your desktop?

Get a scanner, scan the picture, and save it somewhere. Open Internet Explorer, go to File -> Open, and open the file you saved. Then right click on the picture and click on Set as Desktop Backgr... Read More »

How do you put photo booth pictures on the desktop?

If you want to move a picture from PhotoBooth to the desktop click on the thumbnail image in PhotoBooth and drag and drop it onto the desktop. If you want to use the picture as your Desktop image o... Read More »

If you put a brand new SD card in your Canon Powershot A550 and took pictures and now your computer will not recognize it because it has not been formatted will formatting it now erase your pictures?

If you format the SD card all of your pictures will be erased. If you can view your photos in the Camera then the problem may be with your computer.

When you buy Parallels Desktop 5 can you install it on your desktop imac and macbook pro?

The Parallels EULA clearly states "one License, one PC".So, no, you have to buy a 2nd copy.Or, get Sun's Virtual Box, free from:TIP: If you had asked first, you wouldn't have wasted the $ 80.