How to Get Personal Loans With Credit Problems?

Answer You can still get credit even if your credit scores are horrible. While many lenders seek to do business with people who have pristine credit, there are many that are comfortable lending money to f... Read More »

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How to Refinance Car Loans With Credit Problems?

When you are financing a car, you may come to the point where you want to refinance it to get a better annual percentage rate (APR), as well as a lower payment, if possible. Refinancing a car is si... Read More »

Has anyone actually applied for and received a personal government grant to pay off credit cards, home loans?

They are all scams...they was an article on about it.

What to Avoid With High-Risk Personal Loans?

When you have poor credit or a relatively low amount of income and you need to borrow money, a high-risk personal loan may be one of the only options you have. While a high-risk personal loan can h... Read More »

What company does Ford deal with to secure auto loans with customers with poor credit?

Ford has its own "bank," called Ford Credit. However it will not accept all credit scores. Dealers usually will approve you at an interest rate higher than a bank will, but if your credit score is... Read More »