How to Get Permanent Pen Ink Off of the Skin?

Answer It can be beyond frustrating when a pen leaks all over your clothing and skin. While permanent ink is harder to remove from clothing, it's relatively easy to remove it from skin. If you have sensit... Read More »

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How to Get Permanent Marker off Skin?

Permanent marker can be removed from skin when it becomes a nuissance. Just follow any of these methods to get rid of it.Before you attempt any of these methods try washing your hands normally with... Read More »

How to Get Black Permanent Marker Off Skin?

Children just can't resist the urge to draw on themselves whenever a marker is handy. Adults can get permanent marker on themselves as well. Absentmindedly putting the wrong end of a marker in your... Read More »

How Is Permanent Marker Removed From the Skin?

Your vehicle's power window motor provides the power to raise or lower the window by moving a gear on the window regulator, which does the physical lifting and lowering. Window motors derive their ... Read More »

Is Sharpie permanent marker safe to use on skin?

According to Sanford Brands, the manufacturer of Sharpie brand markers, Sharpie markers are considered to be safe under normal usage when they come in contact with the skin. Personal protective de... Read More »