How to Get Permanent Marker Off Your Body?

Answer Anyone who has ever gotten permanent marker on their skin knows the pain of trying to get it off. Repeated washing with soap and water doesn't work, so most people just end up waiting for it to fad... Read More »

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Is a clothing marker different from a permanent marker?

Clothing markers are chemically different from permanent markers. Clothing markers contain insoluble ingredients, which allow a legible, water-safe application to fabric. Permanent markers contain ... Read More »

How do you get sharpie permanent marker out your hair?

Wash your hair and rub it thoroughly......or if not, cut your hair..........or the best thing would be to cut your head completely! Problem solve!

How do you remove permanent marker from your couch?

All you do is go to the store and see if there is cleaning supplies and get something that gets rid of stains. That's all.

How to Simply Remove Ink and Permanent Marker off your Skin and Clothes?

In this article you will find a very simple and easy way to remove Ink and Permanent Marker from your skin. Does this Spark an idea?