How to Get Perfect Pitch?

Answer If you're a musician, chances are you have encountered someone with perfect pitch. It is largely thought that perfect pitch is something you are born with, but it is more likely that people learn i... Read More »

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Can I learn Perfect Pitch (absolute pitch), or do I have to be born with it?

Newsflash: You CAN learn it.There probably is a gene (or group of genes) that controls perfect pitch, but they only provide the proclivity for it. It's like muscle building, in a way: some people r... Read More »

Is Pitch Perfect On Netflix?

It's not available for instant viewing, only for dvd.: ).

How many people have perfect pitch?

According to the American Psychological Association, only 1 in 10,000 people have perfect (absolute) pitch. However, you do not need perfect pitch to become a musician or appreciate music. Most peo... Read More »

How many perfect games did Nolan Ryan pitch?

While Nolan Ryan pitched a total of seven no-hitters during his 27-season Major League Baseball career, none of them were perfect games. A winner of 324 career games, Ryan was elected to the Baseba... Read More »