How to Get Perfect Exposures Using Your Camera's Spot Meter?

Answer Your camera's automatic exposure setting does a great job most of the time. But it can be fooled by unusual lighting situations -- resulting in ruined pictures. If your camera has a spot meter and ... Read More »

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What is Spot Meter in photography?

It is a light meter reading of a small centralized area within the camera's field of view. I don't know what the angle would be for various cameras that have a version of the feature, but I can say... Read More »

How to Spot Red Light Cameras?

The purpose of a red light camera is to photograph the license plate of drivers who run red lights to help reduce traffic accidents caused by those who do not abide by the traffic light rules. The ... Read More »

Light meter use with manual mode cameras?

The ambient setting is aslo called incident light. Many pro s prefer this setting for accurate metering.when using old lenses (and new ones even) on DSLRs the light meter i sonly a guide if it wor... Read More »

Can a radar detector spot speed cameras?

Radar detectors do not detect speed cameras, as speed cameras use laser beams instead of radio signal frequencies to read a vehicle's speed. However, according to, laser speed ca... Read More »