How to Get People to Sign Your Guild Charter?

Answer Anyone can create a guild in World of Warcraft. People create guilds for different reasons. You may want to eventually have a team of raiders. You may, instead, prefer to have a casual guild where ... Read More »

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What is a guild charter?

A guild charter is a document that is recognized by the guild's membership, which helps to define the group as an independent, operating entity. A guild charter can be as simple as proclaiming a gu... Read More »

Can I sign up for the Youtube Partnership program with a video of me playing Guild Wars 2?


How to Get People to Join Your Guild on Neopets?

Neopet guilds are special interest clubs that members can join or create in order to meet other Neopet players with similar interests and dislikes. If you are considering creating your own guild, a... Read More »

What Is the Best Way to Get People Donating Gold to the Guild Bank in "WoW"?

"World of Warcraft" players enjoy one of the largest online communities to be found in a persistent gaming world. Players band together in groups known as guilds, and they can pool their resources ... Read More »