How to Get People to Listen to You?

Answer Are you a person full of good ideas, yet NOBODY seems to listen or care? Well here are some steps to help you out.

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How to Have People Listen to Everything You Say?

People want other people to listen to them. They don't like it when people put their ideas down. This shows you ways that you can have a huge crowd around you every time you open your mouth

OK!!!!!! listen up people!! please!!?

I TOTALLY agree with you!! Christ came to earth to save souls, that was His one and ONLY mission, not to start a family!! I mean, He asked his Apostles to give up their wives and families, so why w... Read More »

Why Don't People Listen?

Some people think they're better than everybody else. What you can do now is report his stupid mistakes to authority (like your boss). But then, if nobody sides with you, there's nothing you can do... Read More »

RHH- Why do people listen to old school hip-hop?

Peace. In my eyes it's like this. Many kids have Fathers and Mothers and they like some things their Father and Mother like and then there are other things they don't like that their Father and Mot... Read More »