How to Get People to Come to Your Party on BuildABearVille?

Answer Do you want to have a party on BuildABearVille, but you can't get anybody to come? Here's how to get people to come.

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How to get people to come to my 18 birthday party?

maybe just get some f*cking friends and then maybe you would have an actual good party with friends.. idk social networking like facebook, make a page or twitter account dedicated to it.. try and p... Read More »

I'm having some people come over for a mini bday party in the garden but have no idea wot to wear help?

Just wear a nice dress and pantyhose. Wear that to church this morning, then leave it on for your party when you get home.

How do you get MTV to come to your party and video tape it?

Contact their website for information, or e-mail MTV with your question.

How do you get your brother not to come to your party?

It depends if your brother is a lot younger than you and if you are having the party in your parent's home. If your brother is younger than you and the party is in your parent's home then speak to ... Read More »