How to Get People In a Library to Be Quiet?

Answer For whatever reason, whether it be for school, community activities or for simple pleasure, you've gone to the library to browse through and check out various media. But other people in there aren'... Read More »

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Why does my right inner-ear feel like an earthquake when people talk to me in quiet What's wrong with my ear?

IDK, but I've got similar problems {and screwed up Eustachian tubes}. *sending psychic vibes for quiet times and winning numbers*

Write an interactive program in C language to manage a Library information system. Maintain a library catalog?

Try this :Library Management System in c…

Transfering music from Itunes Library to Sonic Stage Library?

Simple Steps: 1- Open iTunes > Music (On your Right Side) > Highlight All Songs by Simple Clicking on the first Song of the list then Hold "Shift" and Simple Click on the last song > Right Click a... Read More »

Is it possible to sync a new iTunes library to an iPod without having to erase the old library first?

AnswerYes. First you use TouchCopy to copy all your content from your iPod to your new iTunes library. It's a free download on Then use iTunes to re-sync your iPod. This will add... Read More »